Sunday, March 13, 2011

snow days

last Tuesday it started snowing like crazy! they gave us a snow day on wednesday, which didn't really matter to me since i don't have classes on wednesdays. my toughest days are thursday's since i have calss till 20.30! it's crazy mad and annoying. so wednesday night we were all soo happy to get an email from the rectors office telling us thursday classes were cancelled as well :) basically, i had a 5 day weekend, since i don't have classes on friday's as well. but what's the bad part of this? the missed hours is going to bite me in the ass real hard soon. projects are already piled up and for some reason we're not doing anything as groups. this is insane. we only have 3 months left of this so called college life. what's next?

my friends have been asking me where i'm applying for jobs, and honestly, i haven't even started yet. i have a lot of ideas in my head, and a lot of things i want to do. college is in the way so after i'm done, i'm going to have enough time to think straight and get my act together. so you may ask, kuwait or turkey? i want to stay in turkey, istanbul specifically. i really don't want to go back to living in kuwait. after 4 years of trying to adjust and adapt to turkish life style, i can say i'm getting the hang of it. do i really want to go through the same process when i go back to kuwait and get back to turkey again? not really. i've been living alone for the past 4 years, and i love my family to death and everything, but i got so used to having things done my way. i do anything i want, and no one calls me in the middle of the night asking where i am and what time i'll be checking in.

a really good friend of mine always tells me to never worry about it, it will all fall into place.

of course i'm not going to sit around and not try! i will get off my butt and try working around my network and end up doing something i love. i don't thin i'll do something if i don't like it. i'll definitely take a break first though! i need some time off working on projects and studying and waking up early. when the time comes, and where i find a job, i'll settle in and everything will work out the way it's supposed to be. as an end note, i'm not worried about anything because i know everything is going to be perfect at the end of the long road =)

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