Monday, September 12, 2011

After graduation

After graduation I came to kuwait for my residency. There was one company that I really wanted to work for - no, not coca cola, not p&g, not unilever, not Pwc, not anything else. My moms friend gave my CV to someone who works at that company and I got the offer and I accepted. I consider myself extremely lucky, especially since I was employed just a month after receiving my diploma.

I was supposed to start yesterday but because of some legal issues I couldn't. Now I'm just waiting for a phone call.

Summer in Istanbul was fun. We went to Cyprus for a few days. Then I went with ozge to ayvalik for 3 days. Then shahed came with her family which I got to spend 2 WHOLE days with them! I hadn't had that much fun in soo long. Besides, it was the best way to end my turkiye journey :)

Another journey begins once one finishes

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