Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a week

It's already the 2nd week of work!! How fast did time travel? The first week was pretty hectic since everything was brand new to me. I was bombarded with so much new info on my first day that all i wanted to do was come home and crash, which i did do! The office was really cold so i caught a small cold that lasted for 3 days.

Im still in training since im still learning. The people i work with are all so sweet and dont mind helping me at all, thankfully :) my manager and i will be flying to istanbul soon, so im kimda excited to see how that turns out. I cant wait to meet the management there!!

Anyway, my parents and i did the cabbage soup diet...i lasted 3 days which beame more difficult for me to do since i started work in the middle, and caught a cold at the same time. I watched what i ate though...and yeaterday i started the diet i tried when i wwas in uni..its a much easier one for me, at least one that i can handle.

I dont think im going to go anywhere for eid which really sucks. We were planning to go to india for a few days, but it turns out all the flights were fully booked from 2 months ago :s

Just a reminder * people do change, in environments you would never expect. Being away from kuwait for so long blinded me. But im seeing things more clearly least i learned this sooner than later. I have to learn to put my distance and how to approach certain types of people.

Getting that out of the way, i sent in my application for the gym over the weekend. Hoping to hear from them soon so i could start jogging, swimming, and everything else asap!! ..since thats going to be my social avtivity..looking forward to it.

Being back home really makes me wonder what i used to do in kuwait before? Its crazy how EVERYTHING changed!!!! I used to not know abt the 6th ring road, and now i take that road to work AND 360mall is located there...crazy!!!

Something that shahed told me that stuck to my mind "what happened to thinking positive?"

Last thing, nidhi is back in kuwait so its good to know im not alone on my journey back to kuwait :)

Good night

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