Thursday, May 16, 2013


I thought for a while if it's a good thing that I'm revealing my identity through this blog.

I am following many local bloggers and only very few reveal themselves.

If someone is anonymous, what does it tell you?

I personally feel like they are hiding something from everyone, including themself

I don't really see anything I have to hide or keep away from certain people. The things I share here are not deep dark secrets. If I had something thay I wouldn't want to share, I wouldn't be dumb enough to share it on the world wide web.
I also feel like the person who is anonymous will be revealed sooner than later. You can't hide forever.

Speaking about telling the truth,  I noticed that any information that I need or want comes to me. I asked a friend a very simple, easy yes/no question. I got a answer. A couple days later, another friend asks me a question related to the question I had. A little confusing but basically,  the first friend wasn't being very honest with me.

That's when I realized: when I require specific information, it will find a way to come to me. 

It's amazing how this life works!
And I LOVE it!!

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