Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gym? What gym?

The last time I went to the gym was last Tuesday. That's insane! I haven't had the time to go. But that's a little lie. I did have time to go over the weekend, like Saturday night, but I was caught up on studying the entire day and I got in the mood of "not in the mood to go to the gym." I haven't even had time to update the blog! I'm actualy writing this as I get ready for class, which is in an hour.

Besides not going to the gym, I've really been careful of what I'm eating and really controlling it. I don't find myself eating sncaks constantly. Today for breakfast I had cereal (musli) which has fruits in it, and then I had 3 kiwis as a snack (thought I should eat them before they go bad) and I just had my lunch: rice and lettuce which i referred to as my salad. I feel full and energized enough for class. After class we will have a group meeting till God knows when (we finished the group work at 10pm last night) and I'm planning on eating an apple :)

And for the gym? Well, maybe Thursday night if we don't end up having a group meeting again. If not, then Saturday for SURE! Motivation is the key here, people! :)

Also, I've realized that I went to see sooo many movies since I came back from vacation over the winter break. I've been going for the past 3 weekends in a row! I feel like it's my only way of entertainment. I try not to eat out and there's nothing to do. Well there's the "nightlife" which I came to realization that that's not really my "thing". I want to see Precious this weekend, I hope I can find someone to go with :)

My plans for dinner tonight, I guess the rest of the "salad" with a salami sandwich by the side :)

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