Friday, March 19, 2010

Sippin' on my PinaParalla

As I write, I'm drinking parsely water, hence the title, if you get it :)

The day after my previous post, I went to the gym becuase I couldn't stand not going! I had an exam on Thursday, but I still went on Wednesday. I just ran for 30 minutes, but hey, at least it's something right? I was able to burn 247 calories within 30 mins, and I think I did around 3.4 km which is great :) Not to mention my exam went pretty well.

Before the gym, however, I ate zacchuni (kabak in Turkish). B had made it sometime last week and I really liked it, so I bought some on my last visit to the market. But...I cooked it wrong, and half of it got..burnt...but I still ate it! I ate it with yogurt so it wasn't bad at all.

I want to mention something which might be a little irrelevant. In Turkey, unlike Kuwait, it is very hard to find non Turkish (or imported) products. It kind of annoys me because sometimes I do want to munch on some M&Ms or Hershey's or Mountain Dew or...the list goes on. Last night, after my group meeting for a class, I went to the market that is located inside my university campus. There are a lot of foreign professors that stay at the campus residence and the school provides a mini market. It kind of reminds me of the market or baqala we used to have in the Kuwait University campus where we used to live when I was little. That market is currently the mini Sultan Center. So it's looks like a mini co-op. But it has EVERYTHING and it's open till 11pm! Surprise Surprise. I was low on bread so I decided to go that market (its the Meteksan Market) and I looked around. They have so many imported foods, and when I said "everything" I was exaggerting a little bit, but it still has cool stuff you can't find in the local markets. I found cherry flavored sparkling water (Canadian) so I bought it, and it reminded me of those cool soda drinks that Sultan Center has. It looks very "American-y" and it also reminded me of Kuwait :) so that satisfied me :D

If anyone knows a place where they sell imported products, please let me know. Thanks.


  1. there is a place inside "Panora" shopping mall(located in Oran),which sells only imported products =)

  2. Yeahh, I saw that but they don't have the things I want :p like chocolate a variety of chocolate. They had m&ms and maltesers which I'd bought once.