Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oprah's book is out!

I really respect Oprah and all the things she's done. I remember in high school during the weekdays Oprah would be on at 9pm on MBC 4 :) I used to watch it as a break from studying or something I'd watch before I went to bed. Something funny: I remember I would talk on the phone with H and she would say "okay Irem i really gatta go!! Oprah is starting! BYE!" and she would hang up in my face :p

And now, FINALLY, it's here! I haven't heard about it before, but I got really excited to know that Oprah has a book about her life, a biography, where we can all know how she became who is she.

Apprently, right now it's the number 1 selling book on and I asked my dad to get it for me, so I can't wait to go to Kuwait becuase it will be waiting for me right there to read!

Other than that, I'm deciding on what I should have for lunch. Any suggestions?

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