Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I live a life that's so active - so many things to do, so many people to see, and so many places to go to. Honestly, I have been procasitnating EVERYTHING. i don't even remember when's the last time i've been to the gym, and don't worry, I AM aware that the clock is ticking, and it's ticking fast. I'm starting to think to myself, do I really want to do all this? I mean of course I want to lose weight, but what about Miss Turkey? I don't think that's the only thing that should be motivating me. I do have other goals that I want to achieve.

I was in Istanbul this past weekend because my mom flew in and we had Friday off. I got on the road Thursday and arrived at night. And really, I had SO much fun! It was "cocuk bayrami" (Children's day) and the street was FULL of fun and games (for kids, but we joined in!).

I went to the salon to get my hair done, and the guy who was doing my hair told me that he sees me doing something with fashion. I was like, "Me? noo. I have nothing to do with fashion" And he asked me what I was studying. Then I told him i wanted to model (I didn't tell him about Miss Turkey because I didn't feel the need to) and he was like, "SEE? well modeling is like fashion so I was close" He said my face is number 10, i did direct translation from Turkish ("senin yuzen zaten 10 numara") It means that i have a 10/10 face lol. He did mention that I need to lose weight, and honestly, i don't get insulted when people tell me that because i know that and they're just stating a fact. I felt a little motivated I guess, anyway.

It's my mom's birthday tomorrow (April 28) and i was in istanbul. We were all visiting a new home we bought and there's a bakery right next to it. My mom and her cousin and her mom went ahead and me and my sister said we'll catch up with them later. We rushed to the bakery next door and got a little cake and lit a candle. It was so nice because my mom wasn't expecting it at all and we all enjoyed it. we sat in the kitchen and ate the cake (we got plastic knives forks and plates). Later, my mom saw a bag she really liked so at night we surprised her with that and then we were out for dinner and for dessert we wanted kunefe. My sister went to the bathroom and told the guys to bring the kunefe with a candle and my mom was like "oh look, it's someone's birthday" and it came to our table and she was really surprised and she really enjoyed it! and we enjoyed it too because she was so happy :)) Happy birthday anneeee!! :))

I'm back in Ankara now and not in the mood to do anything. I have so many projects I should be catching up on. Procstinating of course. And it's Mayfest this weekend. It's so crazy. Time is going soo fast. It should stop for a day so we could all have a break.

I have to run to class now.

Remember, in a world of disorder and disaster, only beauty can be trusted.

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