Friday, September 17, 2010

easier said than done

wow. my last post was at the end of April! that's a really long time!! So much for my seriousness I thought I'd put into this...Let's just say that not a lot has changed since then!! I thought about my "goal" a while back and I realized that I should think something more "realistic". Yeah, this could be realistic, but then all my time and effort should be put into that, you know? I have classes and projects that I need to work on. I can't go to the gym everyday, I crave chocolates during the middle of the night when I'm up, I like to eat unhealthy foods when I go out with friends!! It's HARD to say NO to the things I love!! Everything is just so much easier said than done, in pretty much any issue.

Let's see....what happened since the end of April? I went back to Kuwait after my exams were over (where everything went downhill from there. I can't say "no" to the amazing food that my mom makes plus the eating out is never ending...not to mention going to Wasabi with my favorite people right now wouldn't be so bad!). Walking doesn't exist in Kuwait. You can't stand outside for more than 1 minute so I rely on the car, obviously. Then my parents and sister went to a mini vacation in Sri Lanka. I would reccommend anyone to go there! it was just  amazing. They kept singing "Welcome to Sri Lanka" at the hotel and the tone was really cute. I wanted to go diving there as well, but June isn't there summer season. The best time to dive in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb :( I was looking forward to it though. We washed an elephant and gave oreos to some monkeys who jumped on the car!!!!

Then we came back to Istanbul where Seda graduated :) and then my older sister came with Kiyan (my nephew who just happens to be the love of my life). we spent too much time together where I started to go a little crazy. Then i went to see a friend in Kusadasi for 3 days, which was veerrryyy relaxing and what I needed!! Then in Istanbul we bought a new house so we were very busy with that, well Dad was very busy with that. Then Ramathan stopped by for a month. My older sister and her family went back to Kuwait. Seda started her first job. I did absolutely nothing :) Oh, i went to the basketball games! Well, just one day that had 3 games in that day. It was fun. The last one was Brazil vs USA. They played really well, it was like they were always flying! I met Khloe Kardashian and gave her a big hug and took a picture. That was kind of the hightlight of my summer :p

Then my parents dropped me off to Ankara for school, they went back to Istanbul for 2 days and left to Kuwait. And my usual routine has begun!!! Classes already started and well, there's no difference, except that I'm taking only 4 classes. I'm actually excited for this semester because I have a lot planned. I want to start writing a book that I have been thinking about :D I also started going to the gym. I seriously can't begin to tell you how much i have missed that place! It gives me so much energy, i love it!

Oh, and my camera broke and I want to get a new one. Any suggestions? My old one was panasonic and i've had it since 2006. I was really used to it so I'm thinking about getting a panasonic again. But I'm debating with sony. My dad doesn't like sony because apparently whatever he bought that was sony broke within the first use of it :/

As an end note, my "goal" will be no more. Yeah, i'm still on the mission to lose weight, but not for that intention :)

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