Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last thoughts of the day

during the day there are so many thoughts that come in my mind. Some
are random thoughts and some really stick to my mind. I hate the way
how i always say i'll do something and it almost always becomes
tomorrow ans that 'tomorrow' necer comes. I just wish i would stop
planning things in my head and just get done with whatever i want!
Today i woke up at 8 and debated with myself if i should go to the gym
or not for a good 10 mins and i ended up not going and took the time
for myself.
I lovvveee the daytime and always see myself as being most productive
when there's sunlight. For some reason when it gets dark i stop doing
whatever and sleep! Thats just my character i guess.
Lately i've been thinking a lot on what i' going to do after i
graduate? If anyone is looking for an energetic (despite all the
things i say haha) frsh graduate from international business, i'm free
- irem

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