Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sudden urge

I am aware that I haven't blogged in the longest time. Whenever I have free time, I guess I'm not in the mood to really write. But seriously, every night as I try to fall asleep I pretend and imagine that I'm writing and updating that I guess that makes it enough. Anyway, I just got the sudden urge to blog. I am currently working on a newpaper article that I need to hand in today about a play that i had to attend last night.

Anyway, before I forget. I was in kuwait for my semester holiday and my final semester as an undergrad student officially began. It's really excting, scary, weird and a lot of different feelings at the same time.

As my parents were dropping me to the airport, we had a lot of time to kill since dad always prefers leaving the house 3 hours before the flight, and we were having coffee at starbucks. My dad randomly started sharing his usual jokes. You see, my father has this amazing talent ( i prefer to refer it as a talen since my dad is the only person i've ever met who can do this) of saying jokes in such a way that he makes you feel like you're "in" the joke and he says it as a storyline which makes it soo interesting and soo good! If i get up and start saying one of the jokes, it won't be funny as when my dad says it. Moslty because i can't say it like he does and i'll forget the joke by the second sentence. So as he started saying some jokes, I started thinking.

NONE of my dads jokes are recorded - written or orally. This gave me such a great idea for a personal home project. Won't say what it is. My dad and I shook on it, so after graduation in June, and around the beginning of July, I will start working on it. And let me tell you, I AM excited for it!

Now i need to get back to working on that article. plus its 7.42 am. i need to have breakfast ASAP!

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  1. yeaaaaa i ditto that, ur dad is hilarious! 3 hrs before ur flight tho?? haha at least he kept u entertained =D