Monday, March 21, 2011

hangover 2

in 2009, the incredible movie was out, The Hangover. I have literally watched that movie 4 times and i can watch it again - it just doesn't get old. I remember watching it with my sister and dad and we were on the floor laughing so hard. then we watched it again with Jessie which made it SO MUCH FUNNIER! as we were laughing, jessie would laugh and we would laugh at her so it was like the never ending laughing movie or something. Since there are 4 main characters in the movie, what made it funnier was assigning each character to the 4 of us, including Aisha. It's very obvious that i'm Stu, the one with the broken tooth lol. he's the brainy one, and out of the 4 of us, apparently i'm the brainy one :p we brough the dvd to Turkey so we could watch it at home again. we watched it with out uncle this time, who's French, and he didn't laugh half as much as we did! we concluded that we have totally different sense of humors. then the last time i watched it was last year with Derya at a movie night at school. the movie just doesn't get old!!!

Well, the good news is that this summer part 2 is coming out!! I cannot wait for it! i just chekced online, its release date in Turkey is June 3. I'll probably be in Istanbul and most likely my Mom will be there as well, so me seda and mom will be the 1st ones there. We watched Due Date with my mom and that movie was just as funny as well. The good thing watching movies in Turkey is that we don't have to translate anything to my mom since the subtitles are in Turkish :))

anyway, make sure you check out the trailer for the hangover2, it's a teaser trailer so...

update: here's the actual official trailer. are you excited for it?

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