Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miss Turkey and Carls Jr.

I just saw a video on youtube which really bothered me.

Carls Jr. is a fast food chain which is linked with Hardees. And apparently, they have a new turkey burger so they decided to use Miss Turkey to get attention and attract people towards their new burger. I find this so offensive, i mean how did Miss Turkey even agree to do this? I'm not sure which Miss Turkey is it. i just googled miss turkey 2011 but i don't think that's selected yet so i'm assuming it's miss turkey 2010? but i'm not sure about that.

growing up in school people always made fun of me and used to say "gobble gobble". this isn't cool. i wonder how much they paid her. i would never do such a thing because it's like telling people we are okay with people connecting Turkey the country with turkey the bird...

actually, Turkey is the English version and i'm pretty sure no other language says Turkey like that. so i want to start a trend, I want to change the country's name in english TURKEY to TURKIYE. they should pronounce it like we do!!!

what do you think of the video? do you think it's offensive?

update: it's the current miss turkey, meaning it's miss turkey 2010

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