Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i AMsterdam

i just got back from my last spring break i'll ever have, sad i know. along with my 3 friends (plus 1 from kuwait), we headed to Amsterdam. it was my first time in europe and i can honestly say i had a blast! we went to a few museums, including the sex museum which wasn't anything as i thought it would be :p we rode on the bike in the morning and discovered a beautiful park as well. the city is so alive and so beautiful and clean. the people were extremely friendly and never hesitated to answer our questions when we were lost. hmm price of a bottle of water was a little pricey, 3 euros for .5 liters which is around 4 TL or 800 fils. we walked around the city the entire day. when the night came along, we did our own things which may not be appropriate to mention here. we were at McDonald's 2 times a day on average. their menu is a lot better than it is in Turkey or Kuwait. they had a variety of salads and juices available which i found great. the buildings were so beautiful and overall, it was a great trip. on our way back with Turkish Airlines, they asked for our boarding tickets and bumped us into 1st class, which btw isn't the first time that this happens to me :D

if anyone from THY reads this, i love your services (and food) :))

i've love to post a few pics but all the pictures are with them, since i was the one responsible for taking videos! which remind me i should load them onto the laptop...

aside from all that, we are just a few weeks away from being graduates. there's so much stress on so many levels. trying to cope with it all

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