Tuesday, April 19, 2011

freedom of speech

before i start to ramble on, i define myself as a Turkish citizen. my Turkish language and Turkish geography knowledge may be limited but i'm Turkish by blood and background in which i hold absolutely no shame in.

however, the government is being ridiculous. a few years ago, not sure when, people on youtube were apparently making Turkey look bad and saying some bad things about our history and what not. that's fine with me, people may have their own thoughts towards a certain race and believe history different than we do. thoughts shouldn't be stopped though, everyone in their right mind has their own perspectives on things and hold their own opinions. it's not like Turkish people (myself included) talk nice about all nations. i'm not going against a person or a race, but historic events lead us to the way we think today, whether we like it or not. anyway, youtube recently opened back to the public so we can browse through it the way we like. Blogspot, on the other hand, is closed here now!! I don't get it!! it doesn't make any sense to me? I don't even understand why! i have access to it, thank God, because i'm on campus and my university has rights i guess not to block such things for educational reasons. when i want to log on at home, it says that blogspot is under legal circumstances, or something like that. this is ridiculous. what happened to freedom of speech? i'm scared to say that that's being taken away from Turkish citizens. we are all people and it is our own right to say what we like and how we like. if the government is going to block websites because of certain thoughts, then i guess they might as well shut down the internet systems as well. why keep blogspot closed but other blog websites open?

sometimes i wish my government could start to think straight and instead of worrying about silly instances like these, they could focus on building our nation in terms of education and poverty, especially in the poorer areas. it's sad to know that the government gives a lot more effort to what is being said on the internet. sometimes i do wish i could speak to my government in person and tell them all the things that i'm thinking. basically, i wish i could make a change. wouldn't that be cool though?

please don't let our freedom of speech taken from us. it's the only thing that differentiates people, through our thoughts and how we see the world. that's why we act the way we do.

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