Saturday, May 21, 2011

mayfest '11

during the 1st week of May, our university held a may fest, which they do every year. it starts on thursday and goes through till saturday night. we enjoyed our thursday day and night by attending the festival area, riding on the rides, drinking, laughing, attending a concert (sertap eren's to be exact) and all that good stuff. the next morning, we all receive an email from the rector's office saying that mayfest will be canceled. we were all in shock and complaining when we find out the reason; a drunk 18 year old freshman is riding on the top of a convertible when the drunk driver makes a sudden maneuver, where the girl falls on the highway and a car behind them crushes the girl and she passes away. may she rest in peace. but i'm so angry for them not to be drinking responsively. i understand they were trying to have a good time and everything, but they didn't have to get that drunk. me and my friends drink too and we have such great times but we don't get drunk because we have a thick line that sets the limit. so basically, if you don't drink responsively then you need to deal with the consequences. and the truth hurts but it some cases, it's death.

they emailed all the students telling us it's canceled but some people showed up and a lot of people didn't. so friday was pretty dull and boring, even though they kept the music playing and the concert at night wasn't canceled. i didn't go to it cuz i don't know who the singer is...and i can't even remember her name right now.

saturday they canceled the bilkent radio open air party which sucked since i was looking forward to it since last year's graduates were planning on coming.

alcohol is not allowed on campus so everyone prepares their own cups. not to mention the car was our bar :)

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