Friday, May 27, 2011

back and forth - ankara -> istanbul

A few months ago my mom was watching the news and she saw how an actress (from "oyle bir gecer zaman ki") who had severe acne problems (worse than me i might add). and they showed her before and after since she started treatment. so my mom found their contact info and got an appointment. Right after i got back from my Amsterdam trip, the next day i went in with my mom and i started my treatment on the day. Usually patients go in twice a week but i'm in ankara and i was working on all these group projects, finals, and getting ready for the last day of classes. so it was a longer process for me.

what they did was apply "pembe maske" (pink mask) and it took a little longer than an hour. and i would leave the place feeling soo refreshed. they said the problem with my skin is that it's very mixed, meaning it's oily and dry. and my skin forms these pimples to, i guess, relief them. i went into 4 sessions. on the 5th session they applied peeling. I should mention at this point that they do not use any chemicals whatsoever; they use all organic/herbal ingredients. they also said my face had a quick reaction, so i'm grateful for that! so they peeling was not chemical peeling. i wasn't allowed to go under the sun for a few days, which i was okay with since i had to study for my LAST final exam. i went to istanbul after my exam and they did a cleaning. my skin is quite sensitive now since it's "new". i took pictures along the way. so i'll just wait for after graduation to post before and after pics. not just before pics of starting this process, but before pics since i was 15 since this is something i've been struggling with since i was 15.

i'm not allowed to apply any foundation or blush, and i'm okay with it since i got used to it. i'm focusing on my eyes right now. i could apply face makeup for special occasions - like prom and graduation.

i'm going to search for hair styles now...i'm open for suggestions. i'm going to be wearing a 1 shoulder short, dark blue dress. i want my hair in a messy bun. and grey/smokey eye make up.

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