Saturday, July 2, 2011


i just got back to kuwait yesterday morning and i'll be here till the end of the month. my dad's giving a summer course (his last one) and me and seda joined him for july, and my mom will come on the 11th. me and seda will return to istanbul on the 30th, my mom on the 1st of august, and my dad on the 10th. it's all so complicated. it sucks because it's my last summer before i start working and i don't have the chance to go on real vacation. 

on the 16th of june was my graduation ceremony and on the 7th was prom. it was soo much fun, i had a blast! everything went the way it was supposed to go and everyone was having fun. my older sister and her family obviously couldn't make it to the ceremony but my dad flew into Turkiye for 4 days so that was great. we drove to istanbul (i drove 80% of the way). when we reached home, we had "congratulation" cupcakes and champagne to celebrate at home :)

after my dad left back to kuwait, my sister and kiyan came to istanbul. me and seda spent 10 days with them and came to kuwait on the 30th. it's been hectic and so many things going on at once.

as for the job searching, honestly i'm not doing any searching. i have an account on but i'm not depending on them because there are soo many applicants, it's hard to keep up. i just handed out my CV to a couple of people i know around. i already got called by 2 different companies, 1 in kuwait and 1 in istanbul. i wasn't in istanbul when they called so i'll have to check with them when i get back. and the 1 in kuwait had called when i was in istanbul.'s so annoying!! so hopefully tomorrow ill get in contact with them. 

i just hope i get a job that i like...and i'll also have to compare the monthly salaries =)

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