Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time flies

Time goes by so fast and it's been going so fast for the past couple of years which is freaking me out.

I remember like yesterday when i did a post about the death of Ataturk. Guess what? It was that day again today. Who knew that a year from that day i'd be sitting in my room in kuwait with a great job where everything is going the way i want? (hamdallah) i remember like yesterday i was getting ready to go to my friends place to study for my production midterm. There is a turkish lady working at the company im working for. I passed by her deskmto attend a training session, it was almost 9 am. She asked me "where's your Ataturk pendant?" i said i didn't have one, she quickly printed his picture for me, thanks özge! After my training i asked if she stood up for a minute of silence for his respect. She replied "of course i did" i wish i had joined her but i was in training.

On the 23rd of october, there was a horrible 7.1 magnitude earthquake in the city of Van, located in eastern turkiye. A lot of lives were taken away and it was a tragic event for our country. Yesterday, another 5.6 earthquake strike, taking away more lives, and buildings being destroyed.

Basically, the news today was just sad; its showing citizens crying for
1- losing their loved ones in a natural disater
2- losing the greatest world leader to ever have power. Citizens visted his bedroom where he was found dead in 1938. Ppl stopped doing what they were doing, go out o their cars and stood for a minute to show him the respect that will continue forever.

Ataturk is the only leader that has ever lived where citizens STILL stop and pay respect to him, every single year.

Good night

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