Monday, December 5, 2011

business trip

Happy DECEMBER! :)

I need to keep up with my blogging habits...or i need to start making it a habit !

I got back from my business trip on the morning of the 18th and it was like a roller coaster ride! it was amazing, exciting, tiring, fun, but had its downs. I went with my manager and we setteled in our rooms. the hotel was all the way in bakirkoy which is far from everything else! we took a cab every morning to the office which was in maslak.

We arrived there sunday morning which gave us that day all to our selves. i took my manager to Taksim and showed him around. but before that, i went home to get my boots and 2 scarves! i wanted to take more stuff but didn't have time/space with me. [moms going this month so i might as well ask her to bring the rest of my stuff] Anyway, we roamed around taksim, which seda came as well. so it was all good. i don't remember what we did that night, nothing i guess.

monday was the first day of the week. we met the team there, told them what we aim to do and how we need their support. it went by quick, and we left by 4. that night i met with a friend and her friends at kitchenette. i love the ambiance there.

Tuesday was great. the meetings started to get in depth, we met with a lot of managers and introducing what we want to do.

wednesday we went to Cevahir mall for store visits to get a general idea of the customer profile and what to expect. I spoke with store managers just to understand they way they operate daily.

Thursday we went for Starbucks' store visits.

There are more than 300 stores by the company I work at, more than 150 of them are Starbucks.

Not to mention, i had a great time with my manager. I took him to the best Starbucks, in Bebek of course, and he loved it! We roamed around Taksim. we didn't have time to go to ortakoy which was sad :( but i told him, for our next business trip i'll take him to other places. lol. We also had a few talks about me and some of my personality traits that, not that i need to get rid of, but change i guess.

Anyway, I started working for Turkey here in the office, a communication channel started between the team there and the team here in Kuwait.

I'm just really excited about this month and the coming month! i feel it's going to be hectic and stressful, but i say bring it on!

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