Friday, December 16, 2011


Lately i've been having a lot of really weird dreams and they're continuous and on a daily basis.

I started seeing my coworkers at work. Another time i saw some reallllly weird animal which i don't think exists, it looked like a pig but it wasn't. then today i was on some pole which was about to break and i was trying to balance myself out and stuff.......just weird.

i think i'll start blogging about my dreams as well, it should be quite interesting.

Today we are celebrating my dads pre-birthday! his bday is on sunday but since it's a weekday we decided to celebrate it today (friday).

This morning i went for breakfast with my girls, which we do about once a month, and it was great catching up :)

for lunch i went to another friend's place. it was a kuwaiti meal (machboos diyay :p )

i also started practicing my Arabic skills with my co-workers which have been really fun. they get shocked when i speak. What can I say? I'm full of surprises :))

Now i'm getting ready to cut cake, not to mention Kiyan is here at the moment, ahh that little monster who i die for <3

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