Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am funny

Yesterday it was a friend's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)) it was just us girls, a little party, but i don't like dancing since i don't know how :( so i sat and just watched them...no cool, i know.

Before I headed out to the gathering, I went to get my nails done. There's a nail salon called Me Time in the Avenues. The staff there are sooo sweet, I love chit chatting with them. My mom also really liked their services so we both started getting our nails done there.

Anyway, one of the nail technicians, Cynthia, is so cute! Last time my sister was here she did her nails. she told me "it's the first time i'm doing your nails"

we talked, and talked. and she says

"Maam, I didn't know you were this funny!!!"

we talk and talk...she asks if i have a boyfriend, she says;

"why! you are tall and beautiful and you are seeexy!"

LOL i said "but i'm faat :((" she's like

"no maam, you shouldn't think like that at all"

SHE IS SO SWEET!! i fell in love with her! I'm glad i was able to make someone laugh, smile, feel happy, right? :))

Apart from all that, I came in my office this morning, checked my mail, and it started to stress me out. We still didn't launch Turkiye yet, it got postponed. Reading all those emails made me feel really stressed. Today is going to be a looong day :)

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