Monday, May 13, 2013

All because of you

A lot has happened over the last couple of months. The blog has been on my mind helping honestly but felt no energy to put my thoughts together. I have so many ideas and I'm considering to take this blog a lot more serious than I did when I first started writing.
In my life, I could easily say that the people who have the most effect on my actions and decisions are my friends - no doubt about that.
Last night I had an inspiring chat with Hannah. It had been a long time since we spoke. Our schedules seem to clash about 96% of the time. Why do I say it was an inspiring chat? Because she said she misses reading my posts and that they help her understand what I'm doing or going through. I sat down and thought about it. If I don't post my thoughts here, then where will I? I prefer typing than writing since it's much faster.
So Hannah, this post is dedicated to you :) thank you for inspiring me in ways you'd never know.
Apart from that, I went to Muscat at the end of February with my parents and it was just beautiful and so different than the other GCC countries. I felt that the people were more civilized. I can argue that's it's because money doesn't come to them and they actually have to work to earn a living.
At the beginning of May,  Nidhi and I enjoyed a weekend getaway in Beirut and it was just amazing. We had a blast. It was our first time there, we didn't know anyone and we were carefree. We did whatever we wanted to do. Oh yeah, that includes tattooed! We each got a small heart ♡ I got mine near my shoulder/chest area and she on her wrist. The tattoo artist,  Jad and John Claude,  were so much fun. We spent close to 2 hours over there! We partied all night and made neq friends. I am definitely looking forward to going back when I get the chance :)
There are so many thoughts racing
through my mind.  I feel so incredibly happy and excited.

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