Sunday, March 28, 2010

the secret

I haven't really had time to do anything because this time all the projects and exams were one after the other. I haven't been to the gym in the longest time ever, but I'm still careful on what I'm eating. Last night D and I went to D's house and she made the most amaziingg and delcious borek (I don't know the English of it) ever! And I had made my mom's mosaic cake recipe so we had a great dinner. Oh, and then we had cookies at her aunts house :).
Anyway, last night, a couple of us went out late at night for some drinks. I met a few new people. One of the girls, G, is a dietician major and I LOVED her! We got to talking and I told her about my goal and she was completely serious in helping me out. I will get in contact with her, give her my details, and she will give me a planned out diet. She asked if I've ever done a diet before, and when I told her nothing serious, she said that would make me lose the weight quicker, so that's great. I asked her if I could loose 20kg and she said that I could EVEN LOSE 30! I was reaaallly happy. And I sarcastically told her that God had sent her to me and she said that she believes in all that energy stuff too, which is great. Of course then F started making fun of me :) One of the guys I had just met called me "sisko" (fat lol) and the other guy started hitting him becuase it's rude to call a girl fat, so thank you E for hitting Y :) oh btw, if you don't know me, I'm not fat fat :p just to make things clear..
I'll be going to Eygpt this Saturday to see N from high school and I can-NOT wait! It's going to be a complete adventure full of fun. .
Oh, yeah I'll be going to the gym in a bit. It's Sunday night so I hope it's empty and no one's there. Not to mention the times are back to summer times and I'm way too excited for that because I love long days. When it becomes night quickly, I feel the day is over and it's like time to sleep or something. It's 7:30 pm and it just got dark. yay.

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