Tuesday, December 27, 2011

everything has a reason

i strongly believe in the saying "there's a reason for everything" in Turkish its "her iste bir hayir vardir"

I think these words put together are so strong, i love it!

Since i'm working with Turkiye and Kuwait, they asked me to do the recordings for Turkiye - welcome to Alshaya, for english press 2, etc.

i went to the studio a total of 3 times. the first was with my manager, the second was to help edit the Turkish so they don't miss out anything, and the last time i went was today. why? because the team in Turkiye didn't like the way I said some of the words, so they asked for me to re-do it. I was totally okay with it, but at the end they said okay don't record anymore. I don't even know what that means!!!!?! I got really upset.

And to be frank, they didn't like the way i said Shaya, and Starbucks, and some Turkish words. Those words are totally because of accent, and when i speak in Turkish, i have an english accent, it's absolutely nothing i can change, that i the way i speak!!! We asked them to do the recordings, but they refused. I still don't understand why?

Anyway!! out of all this anger and whatnot, something great happened at the studio! I can't share what it is publicly since there's nothing going on. But if it ever happens, i'll post about it :)

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  1. fuuuuun! eh whatever it's their loss, at least u got to experience being in the studio!!! :D