Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello Yesterday

Over the weekend a really good friend of mine who used to work with me were invited to one of my current coworkers home to meet his 4 sisters and mom.

We were supposed to go Friday night but due to some issues it got postponed to the following day.

We were told it's canceled after we met up. At this point we were already dressed up. We had a quick burger at Shake Shack and headed over to my place to chill. I clearly told her that I'll be wearing the same outfit tomorrow.  She said she'll be doing the same thing.

Saturday comes and I go pick her up. Both of us looked exactly like we did the day before. She got in my car and I said "hello yesterday"
My friend couldn't stop laughing.

I thought it was a great comment :)
I shared it with Shahed and told her that I wished other people were around to hear my funny comment. She said the best way to share it is through comics! I fell in love with the idea!

Starting from now on, I'll be sharing such comments with her since I believe it will be of great help for her in the future :D

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