Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last day

Today was the last day before ramadan and the last day that I'll be with all my coworkers at the same time. The reason for the latter is because we work in shifts and the guys come in at late hours.

We were still unsure if today was ramadan or not so I made a speech yesterday, thanking everyone and such.  Unfortunately I couldn't help myself and started bawling! I couldn't continue my sentences, so they all just said "we get it, we get it". Then everyone started to say things about me and it made me feel special.

My team did a goodbye gathering at the office and it meant so much for me!

Over the 2 years on the team, I have grown so much and met sooo many people I wouldn't have otherwise. I consider myself lucky with all the opportunities that I was given.

On my way home from work today,  I started thinking about the good bye email I need to write to my team. I came home and immediately started typing it out. I'm not going to send it until my last day but I had all these things I wanted to say flowing in, so I had to write it out before forgetting.

My fingers couldn't stop typing and it was probably one of the easiest emails I had to write! I had so much to say that it all just came out.

I read the email to my dad and he said "you're so creative. I wish you worked on something that includes writing".

I'll try to remember to post it here after I send it out.

I promise that I will pursue something in writing. I'm still in the process of getting to know myself better.

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