Friday, August 2, 2013

Best surprise?

What was the biggest surprise you have done or received?

About 2 week ago my older sister and her family went to istanbul for summer vacation. By the second day Kiyan, my 5 year old nephew, got really sick and was taken to the hospital. Without having any idea with what is going on, the doctors confirmed that it was a bad reaction his body had to one of the meds that was given.

Thank God he is out of the hospital after about 10 days.

In the meantime, i was in kuwait. I randomly checked ticket details to istanbul and it was ridiculously cheap!!! As soon as i got my passport back from the greek embassy, i bought my ticket on wednesday afternoon and flew out thursday night! At this point the only people who knew about this was my dad and my brother in law.

In the beginning i didn't feel anything. As soon as the taxi drove into our home street, my heart started beating so fast and i even started to feel nervous! Nervous!!

The taxi pulled over our building. I got out to get my luggage. My mom was sitting on tbe balcony which i didn't see earlier so i hear her say "irem????!!??????"  i looked up and said "supriiiiiiiiizzzzzzzz!!"

My mom ran downstairs, she hugged me so tight and started crying from happiness, especially since this was not an expected visit. 
Seda was also really surprised to see me!

After getting ready, we went to the hospital. They seda and my mom went in, i waitited outside the room for a bit and then i went inside "surpriiiiseeeeee guess who's here!!" my sister started to tear and kiyan was getting some meds so he clapped with his legs "ireeeem ireeeem ireeeeeeemmmmm". The look on his face was priceless, too beautiful.  I hugged and kissed him, gave him antoy in which he claims was the best toy ever (not the first time he's said that

It was the last day for him to be in the hospital. We left at 5pm. We ordered in delicious food from Gunaydin and called it a night.

That wasn't an end to the surprise ☺ while i was in kuwait i got in contact with a balloon store who was more than helpful for my request. I contacted Yunus from . I ordered 50 colorful balloons which cost me 160TL which is not more than 25kd, which got delivered to my home on exact timing! Kiyan came to the living room, his eyes got larger and he got super excited. To be honest, i think i was slightly more excited than he was!!

After that was over, i headed to the cadde and did some shopping and spent the rest of the day at home. I left home at 10pm and was welcomed to a surprisingly quiet airport, enjoyed my venti chai tea latte and there i was, back in kuwait

What was the biggest surprise you have done or received?

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